Comp-U-Save Remote Support - Allow remote access to you PC with this program. Simply download and run the file and give us the code and passwords it provides. For security reasons you must give us the new password everytime we need to re connect.

EMSISOFT AntiMalware - Our preferred Antivirus / Anti Malware program. Lightweight and free of ads. $29.99 for a 1 year 1 user subscription or $49.99 for a 1 year 3 user subscription.

AVG-Free Edition - Totally free antivirus software.  Great protection without having to pay, however you do have to deal with ads for software they sell. If you don't want ads we recomend going with a paid subscription.

Avast Antivirus - Another highly reviewed antivirus program.  Free to use but you will get ads just like the Free version of AVG. 


Super Anti Spyware Free Edition One of the best anti spyware software we have seen yet.  Super anti spware gets rid of almost all spyware and adware with only a few scans. 

Spybot Search & Destroy  One of the most effective spy ware removal tools available.  It detects more than 300,000 different strains of malware.

Malware Bytes Scan your computer frequently to be sure it doesn't contain malicious software that can slow it down.


Comodo Firewall A great free firewall that monitors what is coming into and going out of your computer.  It is excellent at stopping unwanted spy ware and adware programs from taking control of you operating system.

BROWSERS - don't use Internet Explorer, there are much better options

Chrome - The worlds most popular browser.  Very fast and much safer than any other browser. 

Firefox - A much faster and safer browser than Edge.  Includes a built in pop up blocker and tabbed browsing.  Very popular and easy to use.

Safari - Great browser from Apple.  Fast and energy efficient to help increase battery life on mobile devices. Hooks up with iCloud to browse seamlessly across all devices.  



Kingsoft Office - A complete office suite, fully compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.  The personal version does put a watermark on the paper if you print.  You must purchase the full version to not have the watermark.

AbiWord - A small and easy to use word processing program.  Great for typing letters or doing schoolwork.  Includes a spell check and thesaurus. A small download, great for dial up users.


FoxIt Reader - A much smaller and easier to use program than Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Much quicker download then the competition.


7 Zip - Unpack ZIP, RAR, CAB, ISO files and more.  Also allows you to create your own compressed files in Zip format.



GIMP - A very powerful photo editing program with capabilities similar to that of Adobe Photoshop.  It allows to you work with layers and has many imaging options and filters to choose from. 

PhotoFiltre - A very small and simple to use photo editing program that would be great  for a beginner.  At only 1.6 MB even a dial up user can quickly download this one.